Clay: LeBron's Silence On China Boils Down To Money

LeBron James talks presidential races and social injustices, continuously telling the world he is "more than an athlete." Clearly, he is also a businessman because he refuses to take a stand against one nation that is committing major human rights violations against Muslims and other minorities, as OutKick's Clay Travis points out.

That nation is China -- and Chinese fans provide massive dollars to James and his brand (and the NBA overall). Betray the Chinese government, and lose that cash flow. We've seen that first-hand with the NBA and the Daryl Morey tweet. China cut off the NBA for most of last season when Morey tweeted that he stood with -- heaven forbid -- those in favor of freedom and democracy in Hong Kong.

So if you want to know why LeBron stays silent on China, Travis says, look no further than LeBron's bank account. Check out Travis' full take in the video below.