Clay Destroys LeBron For Leaving Court Again, Not Shaking Hands Following Loss

I don't have a quit bone in me," but in 2021, he quit on his teammates in Game 5. Literally days earlier, he promised that his "shoulders were built for a reason" and that he would carry the team without Anthony Davis, who had strained a groin muscle. Not only did his shoulders not carry his team to victory, but they also apparently couldn't help him shake the hands of the victors. I won't even get into LeBron putting a target on a police officer's back following the death of Ma'Khia Bryant. Come on, folks. Of course Clay is going to tee off on LeBron at every opportunity. As the face of the NBA, LeBron should be held to a higher standard. And let's be clear, LeBron continues to provide Clay with plenty of opportunities. A YouTube sports personality that goes by ScoutWithBryan shared an excellent breakdown of LeBron quitting on his team with three minutes to go in Thursday night's elimination game. After not getting a call, the guy who doesn't have any quit in him ... quit. Check it out.

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