Chet Holmgren Looks Dominant In NBA Summer League Debut

Sam Bowie, Greg Oden...Paolo Banchero? The first two guys were selected one pick ahead of Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant. The third - he was chosen one slot before Oklahoma City selected Chet Holmgren in last month's NBA Draft. And like those who picked Bowie and Oden, there just might be some regret as to what might have been.

Ok, who are we kidding? It's been one game. Let me rephrase, it's been one Summer League game. But, 2nd overall pick Holmgren did show out and dominate in his first taste of NBA action. The 7-foot beanpole led all players with 23 points, seven rebounds and a Summer League-record, 6 blocks.

A strong showing for the rookie who was long presumed to be Orlando's top pick in June before they opted to selected Banchero instead. For what it's worth, Bowie...I mean, Banchero, and the Magic open Summer League play on Thursday.

Next stop: Springfield, Massachusetts and the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame. Obviously.

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