Celtics Head Coach Acknowledges Only Jesus, Mary And Joseph As 'Royal Family' After Prince, Princess Sat Courtside

As the Boston Celtics took the court against the Miami Heat on Wednesday night, they had some very high-profile visitors sitting courtside. However, the team was unimpressed.

So too were the fans.

Among those in attendance at TD Garden were the Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate Middleton.

Both times that the members of the 'Royal Family' were shown on the videoboard, they were met with a smattering of boos and chants of "U-S-A!" from the largely Irish crowd.

The Prince and Princess appeared unfazed by the reaction. They were there to enjoy some basketball and watch Jayson Tatum put on a show, with 49 points and 11 rebounds.

William, in particular, was in awe of the young Boston star's performance.

Celtics don't care about the Royal Family.

However, as William and Kate watched the Celtics beat the Heat by 13, the Celtics could not have cared less. After the game, players were asked about their esteemed guests.

Point guard Derrick White was cut off by William and Kate as he left the court and made sure not to bump into them. Other than that, he didn't seem particularly interested.

Jaylen Brown was definitely not concerned with the Prince and Princess of a country more than 3,000 miles away. His facial expression said it all.

If Brown's reaction wasn't clear in how the Boston locker room felt about the courtside "celebrities," head coach Joe Mazzulla dropped what might be the quote of the year.

When asked about what was it like having in the building, he, with a straight face, acted confused about who the reporter was talking about. Mazzulla, unable to hold back from smirking, acknowledged only one 'Royal Family' — Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Mazzulla, who comes from a strong Catholic upbringing, knew exactly what he was doing. He isn't concerned with the Prince and Princess and would rather give praise to the Lord!

Though Mazzulla hopes that William and Kate are Celtics fans...