Bobby Marks Says Steph Curry Is The Second-Best Player Ever

ESPN front office expert Bobby Marks is now saying Stephen Curry is the second-best player of all-time. Not LeBron, Magic, Bird, or even Kareem.

The 6-foot-3 long range sniper. Alrighty then.

"I feel that watching him (Curry) during these playoffs and certainly these Finals, LeBron is a great player, but I saw Jordan in his prime in the 90's. Curry reminds me a lot of that offensively where he's a threat to beat you in a lot of different ways. And as I've said, I think we've got three or four more prime Curry. But right now, I'm gonna stick with it...he is the second-best player of all-time," Marks said.

We think what Bobby Marks was getting to is most influential. That would be accurate. Matter fact, there's a strong argument that Steph Curry not only is the most influential player ever, but that he'll never be topped in that department for the rest of time. What other player has influenced style of play the way Curry has? Turn on an NBA game in 2022 and all you see are players of all shapes and sizes trying to prove they're a threat from beyond the arc. That entire approach stems from the dominance of Stephen Curry that's irrationally convinced everyone they're good at shooting.

But this doesn't mean he's the second-best player behind Jordan or LeBron. Being up top the GOAT list means you excel at all areas of the sport. Not just mastering the craft in one department like shooting from the perimeter. Jordan, for example, mastered the art of the mid-range jumper the way Curry did from deep, but MJ was also amongst the game's best at the rim. Defensively, Jordan was one of the NBA's best on-ball defenders that could get a stop whenever he had to.

We can't say the same for Steph Curry. He offers acceptable effort that's useful to the Warriors on defensive -- he's never been feared on that end. Curry is a good passer, not great.

Most say Michael Jordan is their GOAT with some sprinkles of LeBron James of late because both players did everything well. Kareem is another guy that checks just about any box you need. So let's pipe down about Curry being a top-5 player ever. He's the best shooter -- that's all the praise he needs.

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