Bakhtiari Chugging Beers Again, This Time With His Dad

Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari made it to the Bucks' Game 3 win over the Phoenix Suns last night and did his patented beer chug. Except this time he brought his dad and brought the house down.

Love this guy, even if he did my hometown Suns no favor.

We probably could've guessed Papa Bakhtiari was going to be a total G, yet somehow he still amazed us all. And on top of that, a man probably in his sixties is easily outdrinking Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Pretty embarrassing, if you ask us.

The Bucks went to use this momentum to propel them to a 120-100 win over the Suns. Can't lose when you got the Bakhtiaris in the house!