Another Former Sixer Bashes Ben Simmons

There's an ever-growing list of current and former players bashing current but likely soon-to-be former 76er Ben Simmons. Hours after Charles Barkley took aim at Simmons and his recent trade request, another former Sixer, Theo Ratliff, piled on and compared the 25-year-old with one of Philly's most offensively challenged guards of the last 20 years.

In an appearance on SiriusXM's NBA Radio, Ratliff picked apart Simmons' shaky jump shot: "It’s more about Ben to me than anything because for you to be an All-Star, MVP-caliber player, all you have to do (to be successful) is develop a 10-foot jump shot."

Ratliff then went on to compare Simmons to one of his own former teammates, Eric Snow, a career seven point per game scorer who connected on less than 21% of his three point attempts:

"When I played, we had Eric Snow, who was considered not to be a shooter, but he worked on his craft, enough to where Eric took some of the biggest shots we had in the in the game at points and made them. That only comes with practice, and I just don’t get (Simmons) just refusing to actually shoot a 10-foot jumper and being able to be consistent at that and being the type of player that he is."

For context, Eric Snow spent four seasons with the Cavaliers in the mid-to-late 2000s. Having grown up an hour from Cleveland as a Cavs fan, Snow and his 4.0 points per game average and 23% mark from three had fans across northeast Ohio regularly referring to him as Eric "Snowjob".

Though no trade is imminent, there's a better chance of more former Sixers taking shots at Simmons than there is of Ben beginning his season in a Philadelphia uniform.

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