Andrew Wiggins Gets Vaccinated

After a month long battle speaking out against vaccination pressure, Andrew Wiggins is now vaccinated. California and New York-based NBA players were faced with the decision to remain unvaccinated and forfeit their home game checks or fold and get vaccinated. This was inevitable.

Remaining unvaccinated would've cost Wiggins almost $16 million, so he really had no choice here. Pathetic that no one in our media questions state leadership and would rather make Andrew Wiggins the villain.

The replies to Yahoo's Shams Charania tell us everything we need to know. A bunch of fake profile pictures and blue check marks screaming "good" and "W" because the ends justify the means.

It's too bad science isn't on their side as Wiggins can and likely will test positive for covid later this year. He can also spread the virus despite his new vaccine status, so his only reward will be that the Warriors will send him his game checks while he's out.

This whole thing has nothing to do with public health. Our nation's leaders figured out we can force anyone to do anything if it's in the name of public health. But even though Wiggins was eventually forced to comply, let's give some of these players credit where it's due. Fellow teammate in Draymond Green spoke out against forced vaccinations to help Wiggins feel comfortable in his decision. It was only a matter of time when you're faced with missing half your game checks.


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