Clay Travis on the NBA’s Collapsing Ratings

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The NBA’s ratings collapsed again, this time on Christmas Day. The average viewership of the five games is down 16.5% from 2019 and a massive 25.3% from 2018. Above all, the marquee primetime game, Mavs-Lakers, fell an unheard of 32% from two seasons ago.

Clay Travis reacted to the tank on OutKick the Show:

“The NBA should apologize to all their fans,” Clay says. “They should go back to the Jordan-era and try to appeal to everyone.”

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    • I agree, especially with point number 3. Even the leftists I know who don’t mind the NBA’s politics, are still turned off because they know the product is meaningless. The games are boring and completely determined by refs who call fouls at their own whim. It is pointless to watch players chuck up 3’s all game long and have the game determined by whoever gets the most foul calls.

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