NBA Playoffs Ratings on ESPN Down 40%

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“The first round of the NBA playoffs on ESPN is down 40% over last year,” Clay Travis explained on yesterday’s Outkick the Show.

“This is what happens when you embrace far-left wing politics instead of just playing basketball,” he continued. “This is what happens when you kneel for the national anthem, when you put social justice warrior slogans on the back of jerseys, and what happens when you put Black Lives Matter on the court.”

Clay summed it up: “People out there who just want to watch basketball say, ‘Hey, they got woke, let them go broke. I’m leaving.'”

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  1. You want to watch a multiple car crash in slow motion get ready for the the NFL season. This will make the Titanic and Edmund Fitzgerald endings look like you tipped over your canoe at summer camp. They are a bullet woke train going maximum speed into a part of the track that hasn’t been completed. Roger Goodell is by most measurement a man of modest business acumen. Stop with how much money he has made for the league – my 11 year old with 2 minutes of boning up TV rights value could have negotiated the most recent deals. From his league head brethren (Adam Sliver – a human devoid of a spine and loser beyond description) he will have learned nothing. Said it elsewhere the NFL is going to go woke like a MOFO. They may have players pull down their pants and yank it during the anthem. And to Drew Brees, you have to live with how bad you folded. You know how many would have backed your ass if you stood by what you said. You know who has your back now – NOBODY. That loser posse left town as soon as you caved in. What did a wise man from TN once say “go woke go broke”.

  2. Whenever you completely capitulate to one side, you risk alienating the other. That’s not a hot take, that’s the facts. The far left, woke mob, laps up what the leagues are doing, the other side and even the middle, who just wanted to watch sports and leave the political b.s. behind for a bit… you lose them.

  3. I really hate that they went woke but I am the degenerate gambling type and so I must say I have been watching some of the nba games. I am more than your typical sports fan and it really pisses me off how woke the nba has become. They keep repeating the stupid commercial about how we are racist and that upsets me but I still watch. Do you think I am being a hypocrite for watching while standing for America and denouncing the organization blm and all the woke shit?

    It’s really sad because the games I have watched have been super interested. The neutral site games have been fantastic (as the nba used to say) and super interesting from a gambling perspective.

  4. Lifelong NBA fan. Haven’t watched a single game Have noticed in post-game interviews, multiple players have said “remember why we’re here” and then proceed to talk about social justice.

    That’s why many of us are NOT there.

    I also heard a sports radio team this weekend making the case that going woke doesn’t mean going broke. They said the NFL didn’t actually lose money from Anthemgate round 1. There is a case to be made there (though I don’t think it’s accurate)- the Packers made more money, and the league signed, then extended a deal with Amazon.

    But in the long run, ad revenue drops will lead to lower TV deal revenue. Leagues can survive without fans, but nobody cares (see: Hockey).

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