NBA Player Hit With Extended Quarantine For Going On Food Run

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Kings center Richaun Holmes found out what the penalty is for breaking quarantine to go on a food run: it’s a 10-day quarantine. Shams Charania is reporting Holmes (averaged 12.9 ppg before corona) crossed the Disney campus line to get his food delivery and that’s a big no-no for the NBA quarantine police who need this campus to be leak proof in order to keep corona cases down. The Association, according to its latest release, is down to two positive tests out of 322 players. “Those players never cleared quarantine and have since left the Campus to isolate at home or in isolation housing,” according to the release.

The good news: the players never officially entered the bubble where you get the legitimate food, not the quarantine meals.

Now for the problem Silver and the NBA faces: what happens when these guys get tired of the bass fishing, shotgunning beers, golfing and need some action? What’s the NBA going to do, because if the guys are willing to cross the DMZ for Taco Bell deliveries, you have to believe they’re willing to risk it all to chase skirts. Silver might have no choice but to hold an Instagram model draft where guys select two models they’d like to invite to keep these guys grounded. Seriously. It took these guys a few days to figure out how to get food deliveries, how long do you think it’ll take before they’re smuggling in IG models are hooking up at nearby Hampton Inns?

Holmes issued an apology for crossing the DMZ:

Here’s where Oubre realizes he’ll miss out on the bass fishing and the golf if he goes on a food run. It’s not worth it fellas!

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