NBA Player Danny Green Finds Out He’s On Trading Block Live On ESPN

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NBA player Danny Green found out live on air that he may be traded.

The awkward moment came on Friday when the injured Green was appearing on ESPN’s “NBA Today.”

Green was in the studio sitting next to ESPN NBA analyst Brian Windhorst who listed the Memphis Grizzlies forward as a possible trade piece.

“One of the [players] that people are talking about is if the Grizzlies want to upgrade, will [other teams] call about Danny Green and a draft pick?” Windhorst said.

Windhorst did the ol’ “I’m sorry Danny, but…” before informing him that he has been mentioned in trade talks.

For his part, Green played it off as cool as he possibly could after being called out on live television. “I’m not shocked, at this point in my career I’ve heard my name quite often.”

The 34-year-old 3x NBA Champion has an expiring contract after this season. He has been recovering from a torn ACL and LCL in his left knee that he suffered during last year’s Eastern Conference semifinals when he was playing for the Philadelphia 76ers. Despite his injury, the Grizzlies still traded for him in the offseason.

Green said that he’s getting closer to return to the court soon but he still has “a little bit of time” left of rehab for the injured knee.

Memphis Grizzlies forward Danny Green found out he may be traded while appearing live on ESPN. (ESPN NBA Today)


Despite the cringe-inducing, “Oh no” awkwardness of the moment, Windhorst does have to tell the truth. When the topic comes up, he can’t just lie. Although I’m sure ahead of time he was probably thinking himself, “this is going to be so good,” knowing that Green was just three feet away from him on the set.

As for Green, we’ve all been in a semi-similar situation.

It’s like when you walk into a room and suddenly everyone stops talking and slowly moves their eyes away from you. Or someone gives you a half-assed smile and nod.

“What’s up everyone?!”

You know exactly what’s up. They were talking crap about you and it’s super awkward.

Danny Green is a three-time NBA Champion. (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

There’s no report that Green said anything to Windhorst after the segment aired. The NBA veteran didn’t appear too caught off guard by the trade rumor.

Regardless whether he stays with the Grizzlies or not, Green has had a solid career that has seen him win three NBA titles as well as an NCAA Championship while playing for North Carolina in 2009

The Grizzlies are currently in first place in the Western Conference.

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