NBA GM Calls Out Jae Crowder Amid Holdout With Suns: ‘You’re Not That Good, Bro’

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Jae Crowder has played an important role for the Phoenix Suns each of the last two seasons including starts in every one of the team’s 35 playoff games over the last two years. This season has been a different story, to say the least, as he hasn’t appeared in a single game for Phoenix.


The 32-year-old is on the final year of his $10.2 million contract and has elected to sit out unless he and the Suns can come to an agreement on an extension. That, or the team can trade him, which is where this situation seems to be headed given that the Suns are 32 games into the regular season.

Jae Crowder looks on with his Suns’ teammates. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

One anonymous general manager in the NBA thinks Crowder is handling the situation all wrong and that the vet is overvaluing himself.

“He said he’s not playing unless he gets a contract extension that he wants,” the GM told Heavy. “I think a lot of teams are turned off by that in and of itself. Like, ‘What? You don’t want to play for one of the best teams in the NBA and PROVE that you’re worth it so you can get a contract next year? Like, you’re not that good, bro. What are you doing?’”

“It’s a weird dynamic. It’s one thing if Kevin Durant’s holding out because he’s not getting paid enough, but Jae Crowder? Seriously?”

While Crowder proved himself to be a valuable piece the last two seasons, the NBA is a what have you done for me lately league. Given that Crowder hasn’t played a single second this season he hasn’t been able to show other teams out there that he’s worth what is likely the inflated contract that he’s seeking.

The Suns are 19-13 on the year and have been hit with the injury bug. They could use the services of Crowder, but it doesn’t seem like he’s too concerned about his current team’s future.

Written by Mark Harris

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  1. The NBA is full of role players who are way overpaid thanks to the salary floor shenanigans. He’s probably thinking he gon git hiz. There’s 30 teams…at least one of them will be stupid enough to pay a 33 year old too much money to do one thing well on the court.

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