NBA Coaches Nix Suits Again As Coaching Attire’s Casual Shift Continues

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Don’t expect suit-wearing coaches to return to the NBA this season, at least not according to insider Marc Stein.

The more casual dress—seen ever since the league played inside the bubble at Walt Disney World back in 2020—looks to be returning once again.

I believe it was Bob Dylan who once sang in his annoying nasally drone, “The times they are a-changin’.”

You have to think at some point this becomes a permanent policy and stops getting year-to-year deals like an aging journeyman.

Some people will miss the suits but get with the times, maaaaan. A huge portion of the country now works from home in sweatpants. Why shouldn’t NBA bench bosses be afforded that same luxury?

They seem to like it. Last season, Phoenix Suns head coach Monty Williams gave a wildly practical take on the matter.

“None of us can dress,” Williams said. “Your dry cleaning bill is like gone and you can pack like one bag for a three, four-game trip. We’re all uniformed. You’re comfortable. We don’t stand out in any way. I think it’s a win if we can continue this.”

It’s not like too many NBA coaches are losing sleep over a lofty dry cleaning bill, but Williams still raises some great points.

This leaves the NHL as the last bastion of suit-wearing coaches in the four major North American leagues, yet at some point, even those will fall by the wayside as the coaching attire continues its casual shift.

From suits to business casual to ratty sweatshirts, we’re witnessing one of the biggest shifts in coaching attire.

Coaching Attire Is At A Crossroads

We sit at a moment in time where we are seeing the most seismic shift in coaching attire

Coach fashion is weirdly fascinating. It runs the gamut from the aforementioned hockey coach suits, to basketball coach quarter-zips, to Bill Belichick wearing what looks like an old sweatshirt that he also uses to wax his car.

Gone are the signature hats of Tom Landry or Bear Bryant, instead, you see ball caps and beanies.

Speaking of ball caps, no coach getup will ever come close to that worn by baseball managers. It’s the only sport where the skipper gets to cosplay as one of the players.

Baseball is steeped in tradition, and if there’s one tradition riot-worthy should it be nixed, it’s that one.

Philadelphia Phillies manager Rob Thomas showing off why baseball managers have the best coaching fit in sports. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Just glorious.

We don’t need human umpires, but we need managers in full uniform.

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