NBA All-Star Game Best Bets

The NBA All-Star Game is a one-day showcase of the top talent in the game. They do everything – high flying dunks, deep threes, razzle-dazzle, slick passing. Well, um, almost everything. They don’t really play any semblance of defense. The game itself is still in the format introduced two years ago. Three-quarters of the game is a score as much as you can format, and then the last is a race to a specific score – it will be 24 + whatever the higher score is at the end of 3 quarters.

Let’s start with the MVP. There are three real contenders in my opinion. Two are on the same team. Lebron James (+600) and Giannis Antetokounmpo (+430) both have a strong desire (in my opinion) to win the first-ever Kobe Bryant All-Star MVP Trophy. While I still think it was crappy of James to not be seen publicly at Bryant’s funeral, he has a love and respect for Kobe. Winning the 2020 Championship for Kobe was a big deal to LeBron too. Sometimes things like this provide enough motivation. LeBron is my first choice. Most players had some sort of relationship with Kobe – Giannis did. There are mentions of how Kobe told him to win a championship and an MVP. He’s done both. Now he might have his eyes on the prize. I also think Team LeBron wins the game, so it gives these two an edge over my other choice.

Ja Morant is my other choice. I think Ja is hungry this year and may put more effort into the game than your typical All-Star. He’s also starting, so in theory, he should be finishing the game. He can get to the rim with the best of them, he can shoot, he can do it all. I’ll take a flyer on him at +650 to win the MVP.

As for the game itself, Team LeBron has a better team in my opinion. Team Durant doesn’t even have Durant, so it’s hard to root for them. But, if it is a close game, how does even a team of All-Stars stop Giannis, Steph, LeBron, Jokic, and DeRozan. LeBron’s bench is not as deep as Team Durant, but I think Team LeBron has a big lead going into the fourth. I’m taking Team LeBron -6.

There will be points scored, hell, the Hornets and Timberwolves come close to this 321.5 points posted. The past two years we’ve seen the total not reach this. So, the oddsmakers are expecting it to be even higher scoring. I think the game will end when someone hits 160+, I don’t know that Team Durant gets close enough to get the over. I’d lean towards the under, but that isn’t fun for an All-Star game. It is the only way I’d play it.

Written by David Troy

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