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Well, so much for that NFC South showdown we were all waiting for

And just like that, Tom Brady went 0-2 against Drew Brees in 2020. The Saints are on a five-game winning streak, have control of the NFC South and have an 11% probability of winning the Super Bowl. The remaining schedule for New Orleans includes just one team with a winning record, the Kansas City Chiefs. Look at the battle we have for the AFC East, where Miami is doing everything possible to create a new Bills-Dolphins arms race over the next 10 years.

The Bills go out and beat the Seahawks, and the Dolphins get a huge road win in Arizona. Circle January 3 on your calendar. The Miami Dolphins roll into Buffalo the last Sunday of the season for what could be the AFC North title game, and Tua will play in the coldest game of his life. My head is spinning just thinking about it.

• If the playoffs started today, the Cleveland Browns would be No. 8 in the AFC and out of the playoffs. Remember when Browns fans bragged that a loss to the Raiders wasn’t the end of the world because there’s so much season left to play? The Raiders have won two in a row and are now the No. 6 seed.

• Keep in mind the NFL expanded the playoffs, and there will be an extra wild card in each conference. In the AFC, the Dolphins have won four in a row and would be the No. 7 seed. In the NFC, the Rams are currently the No. 7 seed. Only one team per conference gets a bye.

• It’s Alabama-LSU week. Remember when that game meant something?

• Hugh Freeze has Liberty at No. 22 in the nation. Let that sink in.

• I had a conversation this weekend while golfing with a Michigan Man. Who could Michigan get to replace Harbaugh? Michigan Man’s first candidate: Luke Fickell. Luke isn’t going back to Ohio State, so his path back into the Big Ten could come from a job at Michigan. It’s going to be beyond fascinating to see if this storyline goes anywhere. Would Fickell turn his back on his beloved Ohio State for the Michigan money? It’s starting to look like we might find out soon. Matt Campbell is another name with deep Ohio roots whom Michigan would have to consider.

• Tiger Woods and other golfers played a practice round at Augusta National on Sunday. Bryson DeChambeau was also on the course and joined by 1988 Masters winner Sandy Lyle.

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  1. Great work as always, this is a must read every morning for me. Those Nachos look world class, any place that doesn’t prominently feature queso on their nachos will not get my business. Minus the sour cream/jalapenos, Add some tender bbq chicken right off the bone and we’re in business.

    • Thank you for the compliment. I take great pride in Screencaps. I’ve been on the hunt for great nachos for a couple years now. Love the BBQ chicken idea. Can’t find any good nachos here where I live in Ohio, so I have to live vicariously through Instagram photos.

      • Its truly an art form to do it just right. The must-avoids are anything with ground beef, or anything with shredded cheese rather than queso. Carolina Ale House is the best in my area, they do a regular size bbq chicken nachos for $8 and a large (which is twice as much) for $9. Only an asshole gets the regular size.

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