Native American Groups Call For Boycott of ‘Blueface’ Avatar Film

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Native American groups are calling for a boycott of the film, “Avatar 2: The Way of Water.”

The groups have accused director James Cameron of racism for purportedly stealing themes, history, and imagery from Native American and Indigenous culture, reports Newsweek.

The sequel tells a tale of colonizers seizing land from tribes, during which dwindling resources have forced humans off the Earth.

A co-chair of Indigenous Pride L.A. says Cameron normalizes “Blueface” — Avatar’s aliens are blue — to satisfy white viewers. And thereby the film is overtly racist, and thus moviegoers shall boycott it immediately.

Meet Yuè Begay, who has declared her pronouns on social media:

“Our cultures were appropriated in a harmful manner to satisfy some white man’s savior complex,” she says.

Got that? The portrayal of the Smurf-looking creatures is not only racist but also harmful. Somehow, “Avatar 2″is rated only PG-13.

Blue Lives Matter

An assistant professor in the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver is also fed up with the utilization of blue people in the film:

Group leaders and professors are not alone in their hysteria. Movie critics are also enraged.

A character named Kathia Woods credits herself as a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic. She sometimes writes for NBC News. More importantly, she demands the studio do away with the white people who portray the aliens.

According to Woods, casting whites as blue creatures is a form of “cultural appropriation.”

The film critic turned her Twitter account to private after posting this viral gem:

“Avatar” cast white people as aliens.

Shout out to Cliff Curtis, a man of Maori descent, for his performance as Tonowari (the character above).

It’s hard to imagine society normalizing again when critics, professors, and people like the “Blueface” lady exist.

One can’t even create a film about wacky-looking CGI figures without fierce accusations of racism, cultural appropriation, and harm.

Let that be a warning to the future of the “Grinch” franchise. Don’t you dare think about letting a white actor culturally appropriate or “Greenface” the classic Christmas grump.


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  1. So now you can appropriate the culture of a fictitious race from a science fiction movie and somehow that is racist towards Native Americans AND “white supremacy.”

    Imagine the effort it takes to be the people who come up with this? Exhausting

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