Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Gambling Odds, Best Joey Chestnut Bet

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Coverage of the annual July 4th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest begins at noon ET on ESPN. Here are the gambling odds for the event, via FOX Bet, where the main questions were not whether Joey Chestnut would be favored, but by how much and what his own over/under would be:

Note: Matt Stonie, the only person to defeat Chestnut in this contest since 2007, is still included in these gambling odds despite tweeting last week that he can’t make the contest due to New York’s travel restrictions from coronavirus.

The over/under for Chestnut is interesting. The only time Chestnut beat this over/under was in 2018 when he ate 74. Last year, he ate 71. Without Stonie in the contest, you want to bet the under here, especially given the better VIG. That’s definitely the smart play here.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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