Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest: A Family Bonding Experience?

While “mother-daughter duo gobbles down the wieners” sounds like an adult video search category, we assure you it’s the most wholesome of American family activities. This weekend, a New Jersey-based mother-daughter duo is seeking to down more wieners than the competition. René Rovtar, 62, and her daughter, Kristina Rovtar Dunne, 33, are participating in the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

This is the fifth time René will compete in the iconic event and the second go-round for Kristina. “I had seen young women compete and I said to my family, ‘Four hot dogs? I could eat four hot dogs,’” René told Fox News.

Daughter Kristina, who works as an art teacher when not downing dogs, is realistic about their chances: “My mom and I are the best of friends. My mom did it for the first time in 2017 and we watched her compete, and I was like, ‘I think I can do that,’” Kristina commented to Fox News. “We’re not going to win the competition and we know that, but it’s something fun.”

Mom isn’t concerned with wins and losses, she’s more interested in effort. She tells Fox News: “You don’t have to win everything you try – just give it your best.”

Last year, Miki Sudo’s best was on display – she took home the women’s championship after devouring 48.5 wieners. Should Sudo approach that number again, her title should be safe, at least from the mother-daughter duo. René has stated that her goal in this year’s competition is to down 10 dogs, while Kristina is hoping to polish off 8.

You can watch the mother-daughter duo chow down this Sunday at 11:30 am Eastern on ESPN 3. In the name of sportsmanship, let’s hope whoever takes home the title keeps it classy and doesn’t hotdog around stage.

Written by Anthony Farris

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