Nathan Fielder Couldn’t Have Looked Any Less Happy To Be At The Mets Wild Card Game

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Friday’s Wild Card game could not have gone any worse for the Mets and Nathan Fielder was not enjoying himself. New York started Max Scherzer, who the team paid a boat load of money during the offseason and he got shelled.

Over the course of the first five innings, the 38-year-old gave up seven runs on four home runs. It was ugly and the Mets went on to lose by six.

Of the many fans in attendance at Citi Field was Nathan Fielder. Fielder, who is best known for directing and starring in the Comedy Central show ‘Nathan for You’ and the HBO show ‘The Rehearsal’ is hilarious.

His monotonous delivery and mundane expressions are his M-O, but on Friday, it was not a skit. He was not having a good time.

As the Mets were getting smoked, the in-stadium jumbotron cut to Fielder in the stands. It did not look like he was having any fun.

Nathan Field couldn’t have looked any less happy at the Mets game.

While part of the expression was likely because of his “shtick,” there was also a lot of truth to how he was feeling. Fielder’s face summed up how every Mets fan in the stadium felt about what was unfolding on the field in front of them.

He looked miserable.

While it is impossible to discern if he was actually as upset as he looked (because that’s what he does), the facial expression left MLB and Nathan Fielders fans in shambles either way. Here are some of the best jokes:

Again, whether sincere or not, there is something extremely funny about Fielder’s presence at a game that played out like a comedy skit. New York spent a ton of money to boost its roster, choked its way into the Wild Card game and then lost Game 1 at home— badly.

It’s as if Fielder scripted the entire thing and wrote himself into the plot.

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