Nashville Mayor Makes Awkward Joke About Explosion

Nashville mayor John Cooper was speaking on local news about the explosion that happened in the city this morning, and couldn’t help himself from laughing about it:

This is a circumstance where there are injuries and a lot of property damage. While it’s extremely fortunate that there were not more severe consequences from the blast, this was a bad time for humor.

Here is OutKick’s previous coverage of the explosion in Nashville.

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  1. Man, he tried to let y’all have Christmas and you Nashvillians go and do something like this. New Year’s is cancelled effectively immediately. So is Easter. You’re probably not getting 4th of July, either. The only thing you’re gonna be celebrating from here on out is MLK Day and that fake one in June that no had heard of until this year.

    Mayors try so hard to let allow people to be with a limited number of their family on holidays and even a few people to make a living and THIS is how they’re repaid. Tsk, tsk.

  2. The bigger question for me, which is the same question I have for all cities and states that put buffoons like this guy in office, is “why do you keep electing idiots like this?”

    I can’t remember who made the quote “eventually, people elect the government they deserve.”

  3. The left has been infiltrating politics through the lower elections now for about a decade. They’re doing this purposefully. They started with bigger cities in red states with council positions and then on up. That’s how you end up with a guy like this. Local elections are easily won if you have lots of outside money. I don’t know this guy but I have a feeling he sort of came out of no where or one day decided to be mayor.

  4. Tool. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt at first then I watched the video a couple more times. He is joking that there won’t be another bomb. As Ray commented, false flag meter went to code red. Like he is in on the hoax.

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