Nashville Company Giving Employees Book About ‘How To Be Black’

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Nashville-based company Asurion is teaching its employees how to be less white. And not just less white, but how to be more black.

According to OutKick sources, management at Asurion has started handing out the book “How to Be Black,” authored by Baratunde Thurston, as part of Employment Appreciation Day.

Asurion hails itself as a technology insurance and repair company. “When your technology works, your life does too,” the Asurion website reads. “From fixing cracked screens and replacing lost phones to resolving video streaming issues and more, our Asurion experts are here to make things right.”

Its specialties apparently aren’t limited to just technology though. They now also specialize in race and culture training.

Per OutKick sources, Asurion management sent out a video to accompany the book and hammer home the “How to Be Black” rally cry. The “goofy” video explains the “the importance of getting past our biases,” per one source. Amy Orem, a senior VP of supply chain at Asurion, is the speaker featured in the video.

What makes all this even more interesting is that Thurston is an American comedian — and has indicated the book isn’t to be taken too seriously. He once described the book’s purpose as “another side of the black experience while offering practical, comedic advice based on my own painful lessons learned.” He added that “if you don’t have a sense of humor, this book will upset you greatly.”

Whether the book is to be taken seriously or not, this is a bad move for Asurion. By handing out the book and distributing the video, they are sending out the message that employees aren’t allowed to be comfortable in their own skin.

Or perhaps Asurion is merely intending to have some fun.

But in these days of over-sensitivity and “cancellation” for even the smallest, most-innocent action, this was, at best, a fairly moronic decision from Asurion management. At worst, the company is telling its employees it’s only OK to be one race.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. HAHAHA!!

    My brother in law is a VP at this company. I just took a picture of this article and sent it to my sister (his wife) and my brother HAHA!! OMG!!! The holidays just got a WHOLE LOT more entertaining!!

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  3. I know multiple people of multiple races that work there. All were shocked and embarrassed that the company sent this out. And it’s wild that the company didn’t realize it was meant to be humorous. The author is from The Onion! It’s right there on the cover!

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