NASCAR’s Chase Briscoe Is One Of Us And Just Wants A Way To Watch NFL

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NASCAR driver Chase Briscoe just cemented himself as a man of the people after taking to Twitter to lament the fact that he couldn’t watch his favorite NFL team due to broadcast restrictions.

Briscoe wanted a way to watch his Indianapolis Colts despite it being an out-of-market game for him, and like so many of us, has had trouble trying to watch them.

Don’t even bother shouting “Sign up for RedZone, Chase!” at your phone or laptop (like I did) because he already thought of that.

Chase makes a good point. If you only want to watch one team, or you’re typically in the office on Sundays like he is, you’re out of luck, friendo.

The NFL has been operating like this for years. Lots of people have experienced the moment you realize you won’t be able to watch your team after moving to a new season. This can even happen if you find yourself out of town some weekend.

Yeah, you could shell out for Sunday Ticket or Red Zone if you don’t already have it. Otherwise, your best bet is to hoof it to a bar.

Briscoe might be glad that he missed the Colts’ abominable 24-0 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend. Still, it’s frustrating that watching your team from outside their home market can be a headache that comes with hoops to jump through or can cost a lot of money.

There are still a few more weeks in the NASCAR season before Briscoe’s weekend schedule loosens up a bit. He made it through to the second round of the NASCAR Playoffs following this past weekend’s race at Bristol.

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