WATCH: Drivers Fight At End Of NASCAR Xfinity Race

The NASCAR Xfinity Series from Martinsville, Virginia saw two drivers get heated on the track after a collision in the half-mile short track unfolded.

Sam Mayer bumped into Ty Gibbs, which set off a multi-car collision that allowed AJ Allmendinger to pass the group and nab the $100,000 bonus on the line.

Mayer's disrupting of Gibbs' bid for the extra cash kept tempers running hot as the two came helmet-to-face on pit road.

Gibbs, 19, grandson of team owner Joe Gibbs, was still wearing his gear and was first pushed by Mayer, which set off a couple of punches by Gibbs that landed cleanly on his opponent.


NASCAR media caught up with Mayer after the fight to cap the night in Martinsville Speedway,

The 18-year-old appeared on camera with a bruise over his left eye as he called Gibbs out for running scared and keeping his helmet on during the fight.

"He got upset ... whatever, he threw a couple of punches," Mayer said.

He commented on Gibbs' tainted reputation following the cheap hits. "They were weak so I can't say much about that," Mayer added."I just put the bumper to him for a hundred grand and he got upset about it. But he's been doing that to everyone else every week so far so I don't understand how it could be that one time."

"It's kinda funny because he walked up to me. I had my helmet off already and he kept his helmet on. So obviously he was scared about something."

“I didn’t see the actual wreck. But, I saw on pit road, the stupidity,” Allmendinger told reporters after the brawl.

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