Kyle Busch On Crazy Win At Bristol: 'It Doesn't Matter How You Get Them'

Kyle Busch didn't let a slick track at Bristol Motor Speedway hold him back. Instead, he slipped right past Tyler Reddick and Chase Briscoe -- who were sort of left spinning -- and to his first NASCAR Cup Series win of year on Sunday.

What made Busch's win so cool was he was running third, behind Reddick and Briscoe, for much of the race. Reddick actually led 99 of the 250 laps and seemed to be in control of things from the final restart. But Briscoe started to close in, and decided to try to slip past Redick on the inside. But that move failed, and both cars spun out of control.

Busch then just scooted past both of them for the victory.

"We got one, you know?" Busch told reporters. "It doesn't matter how you get them, it's all about getting them."

This marked Buch's ninth win in Cup at Bristol, and he was actually booed by the few fans who were valiant enough to stick around after two rain delays.

"This is awesome," he said. "I didn't do anything."

Overall, the first race on Easter Sunday since 1989 had its moments, but it was hardly a thing of beauty.

As the AP wrote: "The race was NASCAR's second attempt at running a Cup race on dirt and it turned into a wet and muddy mystery when rain paused the racing and most of the drivers seemed clueless about the rules."

But it doesn't matter how you get them. You just gotta get them. And Kyle Busch got it.