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The ladies of Morning Screencaps continue to be a fascinating subject around here

We're now to a point with Morning Screencaps where there doesn't seem to be a day that goes by that I don't hear from the readership on the ladies that should be included in the post. Friday it was from a reader slipping into the IG DMs (@joekinseyexp): "Stop with the 'models' find regular gals," he said before throwing his suggestion into the ring. An hour or so before that, I received a Twitter DM from a reader who suggested some aspiring professional IG 'models' as the IG DMer likes to call them.

I've heard it all over the last couple of months: Where are the brunettes? Where are the regular everyday women? Where are the women of color? Where are the older ladies? What's up with the Hooters waitresses? What's up with the women catching fish? Why so many women golfing? I can't stand . Stop posting her.

The really good news here is that instead of complaining, the guys I heard from Friday made suggestions. They're being editors of their favorite post. They're gaining ownership over something that brings them joy on a daily basis and that's what keeps this train rolling along.

"Just doing my part to contribute to the awesomeness that is Morning Screencaps. Thanks for kicking off the day every morning!," the Twitter DMer wrote Friday.

Now that we have this part of the post down, I need to see the craziness you guys come across out in the world on a daily basis. I want to see the abnormal stuff you're posting to IG Story. I want Screencaps to include the bizarre golf shots your buddies are hitting. I want to see crazy bumper stickers. I want to see things you're building. I want to see beer bongs you're creating for tailgating 2021.

Together we're going to build this post into the best damn daily post on the Internet.

• I see that Nic Cage is married again, for the fifth time. You'd think after four tries he'd just try the companionship route, but I guess he likes to keep his lawyer busy drawing up pre-nup and divorce paperwork. His last marriage made it four days before he filed to have it annulled. His latest marriage just might be forever. It's lasted 20 days so far.

• The world is healing. The 69th Miss Universe pageant will be held May 16 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Just think of where the speeches will go when the ladies are asked the tough questions by judges. This should be good. Already marked it down on my calendar.

• You guys probably want to hear my plans for this weekend. After I knock out my Saturday morning blog work, the plan is to check out a local woodworking supply company that sells all sorts of exotic slabs. We have another basement project that needs knocked out and my wife and I decided it's going to call for wood. That's right, a Saturday day date looking at wood. Get yourself a marriage like that. My wife might not care about sports, but we bond over things like analyzing building materials and project management. And it's not one-sided in her favor.

• It's also time for another Costco run for spring supplies. The sun is out, the patio needs blown off, the dog dumps need picked up and the kids need to run their asses off and come inside completely worn out. That's the agenda. I might even get crazy and attach the patio TV so I can watch college basketball while tinkering.

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