COTA Crash Due to Low Visibility Pisses Off Harvick

Low visibility at the COTA Grand Prix gave way to a gnarly accident in which Cole Custer’s vehicle burst into flames. 

Along the broadcast, commentators noticed the limited visibility that was occurring on the track due the heavy rains, causing a string of crashes. Similar concerns preceded Sunday's race with a bad result to show for it.

“I thought the 19 of Truex was going to flip upside down,” said one of the NASCAR commentators in a replay of the incident. 

The wreck was a series of falling dominoes. First, Truex Jr.’s No. 19 hit the back of Michael McDowell’s car, causing Truex Jr. to slow down and steer inside. Truex was then in the way of Cole Custer, who shot in, hitting Truex Jr. Custer was temporarily lodged underneath Truex before both vehicles slammed into a barrier. Custer’s vehicle then caught flames. Fortunately, he got out safely in good condition. 

“I’m all good,” said Custer after safely returning from the crash without any reported injuries. “It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it was going to be, but it’s just that you can’t see anything. It’s pretty bad. I mean, you can’t see a foot in front of your car."

Kevin Harvick, who joined the action after getting rear-ended by Bubba Wallace due to visibility issues as well, gave a harsh critique of the conditions faced by the drivers at the Circuit of The Americas track on Sunday.  

“We don’t have any business being out in the rain, period,” said Harvick. “All I can say is this is the worst decision that we’ve ever made in our sport that I’ve been a part of, and I’ve never felt more unsafe in my whole racing career, period.” 

Chase Elliott was the victor of the Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, driving the No. 9 Napa car.

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