Nancy Pelosi: ‘Not A Big Fan Of MSNBC’

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Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is not a fan of MSNBC, the most left-leaning of the television news networks.

Pelosi spoke to the New York Times over the weekend in an interview in which the outlet complained about the media comparing President Biden’s document scandal to that of Donald Trump’s.

“I noted that even analysts on MSNBC were saying that the White House’s messaging was terrible,” wrote the Times.

Pelosi replied: “I’m not a big fan of MSNBC. I love some individuals there, but. …”

Pelosi is a frequent guest on”ReidOut,” the program hosted by Joy Reid, an obvious bigot and likely racist.

In November, Reid declared Pelosi “the greatest speaker in U.S. history.” No one on set disagreed.

Rachel Maddow, the face of the network, is also a staunch Pelosi defender. We assume the likes of Reid and Maddow are among the individuals Pelosi says she “loves.”

But it’s unclear whom on the network she dislikes. While most news networks are more than gracious to Pelosi, no channel has fawned over her like MSNBC has.

So, we’ll have to speculate:

Perhaps Pelosi is not a fan of evening host Nicolle Wallace. Previously, Wallace served as White House Communications Director during the presidency of George W. Bush. She’s a Republican at heart, but changed course seeing as spreading progressive hysterical is best for business.

Pelosi, while fraudulent herself, could consider Wallace inauthentic. And based on Wallace’s ratings, viewers agree.

We also speculate Chris Hayes is among those Pelosi does not like. Hayes is a longtime supporter of Democratic leadership. He wouldn’t dare criticize Pelosi on-air. However, he’s quirky, nerdy, and cringe at his core.

See, even if Pelosi likes what Hayes has to say, she probably isn’t a fan of his television skills. No one is.

Again, check the ratings. Viewers, even left-wing, immediately turn the channel when Hayes appears on the air.

Meanwhile, The Times claims MSNBC unfairly covers #BidenDocs to the same degree as #TrumpDocs. That, of course, is not accurate.

In fact, the network’s coverage of Biden’s handling of classified materials consists mostly of downplaying his actions by declaring Trump’s behavior more threatening to democracy.

MSNBC cannot discuss what’s been found inside Biden’s garage without refreshing Mar-a-Lago. Whataboutism is the name of the game.

Does the New York Times suggest MSNBC not even mention Biden’s reckless, overly hypocritical behavior?

Former Speaker Pelosi seems to also believe Biden’s docs are not worth covering aggressively:

“What is the nature of the documents? Maybe there’s one word in there that shouldn’t be. Or is it in the ‘strictest’ classified category?”

Damn MSNBC for even mentioning that the Department of Justice seized six more “items” with classified markings from Biden’s Delaware home over the weekend.

There are real matters at stake. Like white supremacy. And climate change. And Pelosi’s legacy as a strong woman with great taste in men.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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