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Happy Halloween.  

An update on Johnny Manziel’s Halloween costume, today he should receive the the top three vote tallies in Outkick’s costume contest — Johnny Hancock, the sharpie pen, and a $100 bill with to Darren Rovell written on it. 

Props to the fine folks at for making it happen. (Don’t worry, ESPN, we paid.) 

Johnny can choose any one of the three if he so desires.

Which we hope he will. 

After all, last year’s Manziel costume was so iconic that two hot A&M girls dressed up last night as sexy Scooby and a blonde in lingerie to reenact his pose.

Unfortunately, it was not a happy halloween for the picks. 

Thanks to Mizzou’s late collapse we went 2-4. 

That means our season record is now a woeful 26-29.  

But while some would see this as a reason to take heed and run for the betting hills, not me. 

I’m following General Neyland’s advice, maxim three, specifically:

“If it at first the game — or the breaks — go against you, don’t let up, put on more steam.”

Here comes the STEAM! 

Mississippi State at South Carolina -12

Sometimes you just have to simplify things. 

Right now Mississippi State is awful and South Carolina is not awful.

The game is at South Carolina.  

All the Gamecocks have to do is beat Mississippi State and Florida and they stand a good chance of winning the SEC East. 

Connor Shaw is on South Carolina and not on Mississippi State. 

End result, the Gamecocks win by two of more touchdowns. 

Georgia -2.5 vs. Florida

Georgia gets back Todd Gurley and Michael Bennett.

Meaning the Bulldog offense will be much improved. 

Florida gets back no one, meaning their offense will still be awful. 

The toughest loss here?

For Will Muschamp, who went 0-4 as a Georgia player and is now 0-2 as a Florida coach. 

After Saturday’s game he’ll be 0-7 in the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. 


Tennessee at Mizzou -10

I am 0-5 on bettting Tennessee games this year. 

A smarter man would say maybe I should stay away from Tennessee games. 

But I am not a smarter man. 

Mizzou wins big. 

Auburn -8 at Arkansas

Good news for Arkansas — Auburn is unlikely to shut you out, meaning your 104-0 scoreless run is bound to end this week. 

Bad news: Auburn is still going to blow you out.

Tigers win.


Florida State at Miami -22

This game will be over by halftime.

Take Florida State and go ahead and head out for Saturday night.  

My TV viewing guide for Saturday: 

1. Start your Saturday off with us on Fox College Saturday. 

Because, let’s be honest, what’s better than my face when you’re nursing a Friday night hangover from a Halloween party that went too late?


2. There really aren’t any good games early in the day. 

I’d suggest taking your wife or girlfriend out to lunch. Make a gallant gesture and say, “You know what, honey, I don’t care about football today. I love you much more a few silly old college football games.”

If you’re lucky, you might even get some daytime sex out of this. Then you can still sit around and watch games starting at 3:30.

You sly dog you.  

3. Michigan at Michigan State, 3:30 et ABC

Which of these horribly flawed mirror image one-loss teams, Michigan’s awful on defense and Michigan State’s awful on offense, gets the honor of being the best team that Ohio State beats all year? 

Oh, it’s a doozy!

You can’t miss it. (Even though you really can). 

Michigan State gets it done. 

4. Georgia vs. Florida, 3:30 et CBS

The winner surges to 5-3. 

The loser falls to 4-4. 

How much bigger can the stakes get in the World’s Largest Cocktail Party? (Well, much bigger, but, still…)

By the way, if you haven’t ever been to the Cocktail Party, go. 

It’s amazing. 

The game is the worst part. 

5. Tennessee at Mizzou, 7 et, ESPN

Mizzou couldn’t really choke again, right?


Meanwhile Tennessee breaks in a true freshman quarterback, Josh Dobbs, who is so smart he wants to be the first astronaut without eyebrows.

But how will he ever keep the sweat out of his eyes when he’s floating adrift in space? 

6. Oklahoma State at Texas Tech, 7 et, FOX

How many Texas Tech sorority girls made their boyfriends dress up as Kliff Kingsbury for Halloween?

Better question, how many Texas Tech frat guys made their girlfriends dress up as Kliff Kingsbury for Halloween?

Remember, it’s not gay if it’s Kliff Kingsbury.  

The winner of this game stays alive for the Big 12’s BCS bid, the loser is out of the race. 

7. Miami at Florida State, 8 et, ABC

Don’t buy the hype on this game. 

It will be awesome up until kickoff and then the Famous Jameis show starts. 

FSU covers by halftime.

Miami’s a pretender. 

8. UTEP at Texas A&M, 9 et, ESPN2

Outkick rule: if you can watch Johnny Manziel play football, you watch Johnny Manziel play football.

Plus, today’s games are so mediocre, what else are you watching?

Written by Clay Travis

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