Chicago Bears Center Has Terrible Flop Attempt, Gets Completely Ignored

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And the award for Worst Actor goes to …

Chicago Bears center Sam Mustipher gave a Razzie-worthy performance Thursday night after getting shoved by Washington Commanders D-lineman Duron Payne.

Thursday Night Football audiences and players were frustrated by the display of terrible offense. After a David Montgomery run put the Bears inside the Commanders’ 20-yard line, Payne let off some steam by pushing Mustipher back.

The 332-lbs center put on a show for referees as he plunked backward. No one was sold by the flop.


Real or fake, Mustipher’s flop was the most entertaining part of the first half.

Washington holds a 3-0 lead heading into the halftime break. There was a combined 209 yards of offense between the Bears and Commanders.

The spree of sub-par TNF matchups continues.

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