MUST WATCH: Powerlifting Video Proves Colts Owner Jim Irsay Really Is A Boss

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He doesn’t have Shad Khan’s stash or Jerry Jones’ yacht, nor does he have standing reservations at PF Chang’s à la Mark Davis. But the Colts’ Jim Irsay is fascinating in his own right.

In a power move that’s more Kanye than Kim, Irsay posted one of his wins to Twitter last week, further strengthening his case as the boss of bosses. Late Tuesday evening, Irsay gifted social media users the video they never knew they needed, but now can’t fathom being without.

To set the scene: the video commences with a muscle-bound Irsay eagerly awaiting his turn at a squat rack. He’s in the type of gymnasium that reeks of hotdog water and that likely hosts Bingo on Wednesdays and the independent wrestling circuit every other weekend.

What isn’t clear is when the video takes place. A reasonable assumption would be the late ’80s, but the lack of feathered hair or visible cocaine, as well as the abundance of well kempt mustaches lead me to believe this is the early ’90s.

Back to the video. Muscle-bound, brown-haired Irsay steps to the kind of squat rack generally reserved for high school weight rooms and dingy basements. He’s wearing a blue singlet and a weight belt, the type of ensemble that in other circumstances might scream “early ’90s porno.”

After gripping and regripping the bar five times, Irsay positions himself underneath the bar. There’s work to be done. Seconds later, placing the utmost trust in some haphazard knee wraps, he steps back with 525 pounds across his back, squats down, then pops back up and returns the bar home. BOOM!

(In the event Irsay had left his man card at home, two men — who both appear to drive Chevy S-10s and feast on a steady diet of Copenhagen — stand on each side of the weight bar throughout the video.)

“When I weighed 307 pounds and squatting 525 pounds in the Super Heavy Weight Power Lifting Championships,” Irsay captioned his tweet.

Boss mentality.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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