Must Watch: Bengals Fan Perfectly Trolls Goodell With Coin Toss At NFL Draft

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A Cincinnati Bengals fan pulled the ultimate troll move by mocking the NFL before announcing the team’s third round draft pick.

Before making the announcement, Bengals fan of the year Phil Amrein reached into his pocket, pretended to pull out a coin and toss it in the air before emphatically saying, “It’s heads. AFC pack your bags, you’re coming to the ‘City by the River.’ Who dey!”


LOL. And the best part is Rich Eisen’s reaction on the NFL Network, “Oh my God, wow…”

Like all Bengals fans, Armien didn’t forget Commissioner Roger Goodell’s and the geniuses at the NFL proposing a damn coin toss to determine who would win the AFC Title after both the Bengals and Bills had only played 16 games out of 17 due to Damar Hamlin collapsing and nearly dying during their match-up.

Rather than make up the game, the NFL said that even if the Bengals won the AFC North home-field advantage in the Wild Card round could be decided by a coin flip.

Fortunately for the Bengals that didn’t happen because they defeated the Ravens in 18 games.

At the time, the Bengals were furious at Goodell’s asinine announcement.

Eli Apple mocked Goodell with a coin.

And Joe Mixon flipped a coin as a touchdown celebration (he was fined over $13,000).


And now Bengals fan Phil Armien is making sure that Goodell doesn’t forget what he seriously was considering to do.

Perfect troll job on a Saturday by Armien and a good laugh for football fans that love whenever we can remind Goodell, the league and the referees how incompetent they are at times.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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