Muschamp and Sumlin Engage In Lamest War of Words Ever

In a war of words that will soon you have you begging Steve Spurrier to leave the golf course and make fun of someone or something, Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin and Florida’s Will Muschamp are feuding over whether or not College Station is a nice place to visit. 

Last week Will Muschamp uncorked a “zinger” on the rubber chicken route. “You ever been to College Station? It’ll be the only time you go,” Muschamp told the Polk County Gator Club.

Now word has reached Sumlin. 

And you don’t want to see Kevin Sumlin when he’s angry!

He’s wild, he’s out of control. 

He’s…responding to a bad joke by taking it seriously. 

“He needs to worry about his own team,” Sumlin shot back yesterday. 


Wow, is Gainesville still standing?

Did Sumlin really need to go nuclear like that?

This makes Alabama fans Tweeting “your gay” to me sound like Kenny Powers.

I hope Muschamp doesn’t take this insult sitting down and fires back with another zinger. 

“I am worrying about my own team. He needs to worry about his own team too.”

And then Sumlin returns fire and says, “He needs to worry about his own team instead of worrying about whether I’m worrying about my own team.”

And then… 


Can we please get Les Miles talking about “Duck Dynasty?”

Or can SEC commissioner Mike Slive declare one week’s moratorium where public insults are allowed? And could he make that week sometime in May? And turn it into a massive charity event that raises, probably, a million dollars or more for a Southern charity of choice.

Can you imagine how awesome this would be? If each SEC school was able to levy funny insults at other schools and all the richest alums got dressed up in tuxedos to attend the event?

Like the SEC’s own version of the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. 

Every coach gets the funniest alums from his school to prepare material for him, then walks up and opens fire on his rivals.

Everyone gets five minutes and the only rule is no wives or children can be involved in the jokes. 

Otherwise, all is fair game. 

Southerners have the best senses of humor in the country, can you how imagine how popular this would be?

I’ve been critical of him, but Derek Dooley would eviscerate other coaches at this thing.

Can you imagine the t-shirt insults that would spiral out of this event? 

This has to happen. I’m asking Mike Slive to endorse it at the SEC spring meetings next week. 

Y’all are all for it too, right?

Stay tuned. 


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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