Multiple Gunshots Send Kids Scrambling For Cover During Baseball Game In South Carolina

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Kids just trying to play baseball Monday night in North Charleston, South Carolina were sent scrambling for safety as their game was interrupted by dozens of gunshots.

According to witnesses, the gunshots started at 8:45 Monday night as kids played a game at Pepperhill Park. Blake Ferguson, who recorded the video, told TV stations that his 8-year-old son was on the mound as the chaos unfolded.

The kids can be seen on video looking behind home plate in the direction of the gunshots before scrambling for cover as the shots continue to be fired off.

According to WCBD, police are saying an altercation between two groups of individuals led to the shootout heard on the video. The North Charleston Police Department says it will investigate “this incident to the fullest extent of the law” and “do everything in their power to locate and arrest the individuals involved in this heinous and reckless act.”

The department also wants parents and the general community to know the shots, they believe, had nothing to do with the baseball game.

“Witnesses indicated that multiple vehicles pulled into the parking lot, where a physical altercation took place, followed by dozens of gunshots,” Jacobs said. “Several youth baseball games were underway when this incident occurred.This incident tonight had nothing to do with the Park, youth athletes, parents or coaches. Thankfully no injuries were reported.”

Kids dive for cover at a youth baseball game Monday night in North Charleston, South Carolina as a shootout takes place in the parking lot / via Black Ferguson / WCIV

Gun violence is nothing new for North Charleston, South Carolina, which sits in part of Charleston County which, in 2020, had the most murders in the state. Two other counties that have land inside North Charleston are also murder hotbeds.

Add it all up, and it’s probably time for parents to find a baseball field to hold games where kids don’t have to worry about random shootouts amongst the worst of society.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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