MSNBC Tells Dr. Fauci He ‘Looks Good’ After Publicized Emails

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Remember those emails that made Dr. Anthony Fauci look exponentially worse than his year’s worth of TV analyst work already did? Of course you do, since they were just released earlier this week. However, according to MSNBC’s highly-promoted host Nicolle Wallace, Fauci has still come out on top.

Here’s what propaganda via Comcast looks like in 2021:

That’s a shameful segment. Embarrassing. Dishonest. But also entirely predictable.

“The true mark of someone is if they look good, even when their personal emails come out. So you pass the test very few of us would pass,” Wallace concludes.

How exactly do emails, which show Fauci essentially covered for the Chinese Community Party by publicly dismissing evidence that the virus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, make him “look good”?

Does anyone know? I do not.

You have to give Fauci credit though. Because there was a 50% chance Jake Tapper would ask him a tough question, the doctor opted to appear with Nicolle Wallace instead.

It sure seems like Nicolle Wallace’s chances of interviewing Hunter Biden and/or Xi Jinping are on the rise.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Thank you for funding the creation of COVID-19 with taxpayer money, lying about it for an entire year, helping your friend Peter Daszak cover up the leak, locking our country down with your ever changing guidelines, and your staunch refusal to acknowledge all evidence of your role in this disaster, even as your own emails undermining your entire position have come to light. You look good!

  2. Most Millennials get their news from social media and left leaning news organizations so they will be told the emails prove they were right all along.
    As long as Silicon Valley & the Manhattan media control the flow of information he will get away with what he did.

    Could you imagine if Parler hadn’t been eliminated by BigTech? There would actually be a significant opportunity on social media to push back on this without interference from Silicon Valley censors.

    They knew that and that is why they took out Parler before Trump could join it.

  3. The ruse accepted by many, propped up by Fauci and the MSM and big tech is the biggest lie of the last century! For Fauci to say that most people “cannot understand” his comments when most see them as political theatre and cover your assmanship is disturbing and yet hilarious…

    Faucism is real.

  4. She is the worst. Definitely in the running for one of the dumbest people on television. When she is speaking i actually hear brain cells popping in my head. Nicole Wallace makes the world a little less smart every show. I highly recommend that no one watches her show. Especially if you already aren’t that smart to begin with, at that point losing more brain cells can be dangerous.

  5. “Chinese Community Party”. Outkick is getting sloppy. The erroneous article about Helio Castroneves driving his Indy car in New Jersey is still up. How about hiring a fact checker and proof reader with that Fox money?

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