MrBeast Planning Massive Expansion Beyond Already Massive Empire

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YouTube megastar MrBeast is reportedly looking to bring investors into the fold to expand his already gigantic multi-industry empire.

According to Axios, Jimmy Donaldson — that’s MrBeast to you — was looking to scrounge up around $150 million in investments.

That’s obviously a hefty chunk of change but when he’s valuing his business assets at a staggering $1.5 billion, there will probably be few people willing to fork over some dough.

If you’re unfamiliar with MrBeast, he’s a YouTube sensation who started doing videos a decade ago and his channel has over 100 million subscribers, a feat he celebrated by giving one of those subscribers a private island.

Seriously, a real private island.

Most of his videos involve stunts or over-the-top philanthropic endeavors like tipping servers with thousands of dollars worth of gold.

He also runs several highly successful channels in addition to his primary one including: MrBeast Reacts and MrBeast Gaming, the latter of which has nearly 30 million subscribers.

Don’t think for a second that MrBeast is strictly a YouTuber. The 24-year-old clearly understands the importance of diversifying one’s business portfolio. He has a delivery burger operation called MrBeast Burger that opened its first brick-and-mortar location earlier this year.

The burger biz seems to be clicking for him too.

He also has some skin in the snack game, unveiling his own line of snacks called Feastables. Those raked in a cool 10 million in their first few months of existence.

There is no doubt YouTubers are increasingly becoming some of the biggest cash cows in media, and it’s amazing that can typically retain control of their brand.

There’s nothing quite like building a billion-dollar media/culinary empire by playing video games, slingin’ burgers, and giving away private islands.

It’s the American Dream.

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