Motorcyclist Is Dead After Hitting 130 MPH & A Car In Los Angeles Intersection

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A motorcyclist died Thursday after a high-speed police chase ended with the stolen motorcycle hitting a car and throwing the man from the bike to his death. According to police, the motorcycle hit speeds of 130 mph, and at one point the man could be seen standing up just before colliding into a vehicle in a West Hills intersection.

According to CBS Los Angeles, undercover officers noticed something suspicious about the bike and the rider. LAPD Captain Andy Neiman told news outlets that the undercover officers ran the license plate and it came back stolen.

The officers attempted to pull over the motorcyclist and then the chase was on, but cops were ordered to back off.

”When he fled, a decision was made by the supervisors and the incident commanders that we would not pursue this motorcycle,” Neiman said.

The LAPD captain explained that the “time of day, the level of traffic and the potential danger to the public” were factors in the decision to stay back.

The conclusion for the motorcyclist played out on CBSN Los Angeles as the station’s SKY9 helicopter tracked the rider hitting 130 mph before hitting the car.

According to Fox 11, the occupants in the car that was hit by the motorcyclist are expected to be OK. Investigators say the motorcyclist flew approximately 100 feet in the air after the collision.

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