Morgan Wallen Pulls Back Curtain On Music Career While Bagging Massive Missouri Buck Deer In Heart-Pumping Fashion

Now that Morgan Wallen’s ‘Dangerous Tour’ has come to a close, the 29-year-old country music star is taking some time to unwind. To do so, he and his cousin (and fellow songwriter) Jared Mullins recently joined the guys at Drury Outdoors on their first trip to hunt the woods in northern Missouri.

It was a success.

Wallen, Mullins and the Drury crew set out for a buck in some cold late-fall weather and spent the day in a deer stand. Both guys went home successful.

To begin the morning, Mullins and company saw a few nice bucks cross their paths. After some patient waiting, he got a clear shot and dropped one.

Meanwhile, over in Wallen and Mark Drury’s stand, it was slower than slow. While that downtime was not ideal for the purpose of the day, getting a deer, it allowed for some conversation.

Morgan Wallen brown down how he got his start in music.

“Yeah my mom threw me on stage when I was three years old at church… When I was five I asked for a violin for Christmas, which was probably more fiddle because you know I was at church, being Appalachian Mountains I like to listen to bluegrass and stuff a lot.

“So I learned how to play that but I learned how to classically play violin, and not fiddle. I quit after two or three years because I didn’t think it was cool no more.

“All I was doing was playing baseball, so I didn’t think it was cool at all at the time… but I played piano, so I learned how to play piano when I was seven so I learned how to classically play piano.

“I wouldn’t ever write songs really, sometimes I’d write poems and just random stuff, but I didn’t start writing probably until I was 19. And I remember I got hurt in baseball and didn’t get to go to college to play, so I started writing songs, trying to get my feelings out I guess.”

Morgan Wallen also spoke about how music went from a hobby to a profession.

“Yeah my mom actually signed me up for ‘The Voice,’ the TV show, went on there. I didn’t even know what it was I never even heard of it, and I was like, yeah I guess I’ll go, you know, if you drive me to St. Louis I’m actually willing to try it out, and made it on there, made like top 20, but I didn’t really know what kind of, I wanted to sing country music but they wanted me to sing pop music, so I was just like I guess these people are really smart people, I guess I’ll try it.

“And I sang some pop songs and then they finally let me pick a song, and I picked a country song and they kicked me off. It was the best thing to ever happen though. But I just met some people through that and ended up moving to Nashville in 2015. It’s been good to me.”

After some classic deer stand conversation, focus turned back to the task at hand.

While Mullins got him a buck that morning, Wallen and Drury didn’t see anything. In turn, they packed up after lunch and set out to a new location.

As luck would have it, not long after getting into the second stand, a large buck came out from the brush. Wallen put him in his sights, lined up the shot, and pulled the trigger.

POW! Got him.

Wallen landed a shot right behind the shoulder, which sent him and Drury out to track the kill. As they did, his adrenaline was through the roof.

“This is my first Missouri deer, and my heart’s still beating pretty fast if I’m being honest. It kept getting bigger the closer we got…

This is nice for me, you know I don’t get a whole lot of time away, or time in the woods as much as I’d like so it’s nice for it to turn out like this, I appreciate y’all.”

You can join Morgan Wallen, Jard Mullins and the Drury Outdoors gang on their Missouri buck hunt here:

Written by Grayson Weir

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