Megan Moroney Shuts Down Morgan Wallen Speculation After Wearing Vols Jersey In Knoxville

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Megan Moroney can neither confirm nor deny whether her song ‘Tennessee Orange’ is about Morgan Wallen. She can, and will, say neither yes nor no.

It’s all up for your interpretation!

The song, which was released on Sept. 2, has been all over the airwaves in the months since. Its concept is simple.

Moroney attended the University of Georgia. Georgia and Tennessee are not friendly.

‘Tennessee Orange’ is about a Vols fan who steals her heart and leads her to wear the opposing SEC school’s colors.

In Georgia, they call it a sin
I’m wearing Tennessee orange for him

Took me to Knoxville last Saturday
And I wore the hat on his dash to the game
It sure wasn’t Athens but I
Fell for him under those Neyland lights

— Megan Moroney’s ‘Tennessee Orange’

As soon as the song came out, rumors started to swirl surrounding the possibility that Moroney’s song is about Wallen. They only furthered those theories in a series of Instagram comments.

Wallen once commented “GBO” (Go Big Orange) on Moroney’s post about her song, to which she replied with a blushing emoji. And then there was the t-shirt featured in the post.

How could we forget the t-shirt?!

The internet immediately went to work and found that Wallen owned the same shirt.


@Megan Moroney @morganwallen 🧡 That shirt that has the country music world turned upside down & inside out! #tennesseeorange #VFL #morganwallen #fyp #Vols #nashvilletennessee

♬ original sound – Misty Gooden

Was Megan Moroney wearing Morgan Wallen’s shirt?!

Yes, actually, that was confirmed during an interview with Moroney on SiriusXM’s The Highway.

When I put a Tennessee shirt on, it just felt wrong. And I knew if it felt that wrong, then it would probably be either a funny story or a good song to write about. So I came up with the hook for [Morgan Wallen] and brought it in and we wrote it. It is his shirt. But it’s just a shirt.

— Megan Moroney while discussing ‘Tennessee Orange’ on The Highway

Speculation has since died down some. Neither side will deny the rumors, because it’s a fantastic P.R. move for both sides to let the people (and also the liquor, per Wallen) talk, but they have not spoken any truth to them either.

Maybe the people talk just a little bit too much?

And then there was Moroney’s concert in Knoxville over the weekend. It was her first-ever show in the home of the University of Tennessee and she came out rocking a rhinestone Vols jersey.

Open Chord, an intimate, 250-person venue was sold-out for Moroney’s arrival.

Of course, ‘Tennessee Orange’ just hit different in Knoxville.


For the first time, #MeganMoroney sings “Tennessee Orange” in Knoxville, TN 🧡

♬ Tennessee Orange – Megan Moroney

Update: Megan Moroney performs “Tennessee Orange” at Open Chord in Knoxville, TN #meganmoroney

♬ Tennessee Orange – Megan Moroney

The jersey choice immediately sparked more speculation.

Wallen’s song ‘Had Me By Halftime‘ references a girl wearing a No. 16 Tennessee jersey.

You had a 16 home team jersey on
Singing every word to the fight song

— Morgan Wallen’s ‘Had Me By Halftime’

Moroney wore a No. 16 Tennessee jersey in Knoxville. Could it be?!?!

No. It’s not.

Peyton Manning wore No. 16 for the Vols. Moroney was wearing a Manning jersey.

Peyton Manning of the Tennessee Volunteers looks on against the Florida Gators on September 20, 1997.
(Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images)

Don’t just take it from me, take it from Moroney!

Plus, ‘Had Me By Halftime’ dropped in April of 2018. Moroney would still have been two years away from her move to Nashville.

Y’all relax!

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