Morgan Ketzner’s Rooting For The Hoyas, Ohio State Fans Are Devastated & North Texas Fans Go Nuts

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Welp, it’s a good thing my kids don’t get emotional — yet — over their brackets

The March Madness brackets went up on the basement door last night as basketball raged across the Turner family of networks and the kids didn’t break down in tears over their Ohio State national champions pick going down in flames. The 8-year-old is starting to put two and two together as to how this all works and I think by the end of this three-week stretch he’ll understand how 12s beat 5s and now we’re to an era where 4-seeds definitely aren’t safe.

The 4-year-old is just mad that he can’t make shots on the basketball hoop I attached to the basement door. He did tell me “It’s OK, you can try again” when he called the North Texas upset while I had Purdue. Was it a good idea to turn the eat-in kitchen area into a basketball court? Absolutely. I know this sort of thing would trigger the Pinterest and Facebook moms who won’t let their kids get a toy out, but the good news is that my wife doesn’t care as long as I let her close her eyes on the couch for 15 minutes and handle the madness these two boys create. I pray for the husbands out there that have to live the Pinterest lifestyle. Please do yourself a favor and find a space your wife hasn’t taken over and have some fun. Go to Target and buy the Franklin see-through backboard and breakaway rim for $20. Throw it back to your childhood this March Madness season.

Now, my other plan this weekend is to hit the golf course Sunday morning. It’s officially Hog season in NW Ohio where the weather has been insane for March. The weather guy literally challenged his Facebook followers to find a cloud in the sky this weekend. Seriously, find a cloud! If you don’t know Ohio weather, this is one of the ballsiest declarations in weather history. Find a cloud, the man said.

So I’m going golfing with my buddy Michigan Man Canoe Kirk and it’s opening day for the Hogs as we call them — the golf cart motorcycles. The weather guy said find a cloud and it’s going to be 65. Hog season. If you’re down on life and having some trouble, do yourself a favor and find a course that offers the hogs. Hop on and let the wind hit you in the face as you drive in circles in the rough looking for your ball. Turn up the tunes and have yourself a day. Let the Vitamin D run enter your bloodstream. Take it all in. Your blood pressure is going to drop. I promise.

Canoe Kirk showing off his hog, Summer 2020

• Speaking of Michigan, I pray the Wolverines lose on a bad call so Canoe Kirk and the rest of the Michigan fans I live around suffer excruciating pain now that they consider themselves a basketball school. Preferably the bad call would come late in a Final Four game. I’m talking a completely horrible call. Need it bad.

• Did you see Vegas is BACK? More on that when I finish up with Screencaps. Friday was a pretty big day for Sin City and what recovery from the ‘VID looks like.

Let’s go out there and have ourselves an incredible weekend. Get those patio TVs fired up. Get on the golf course. Suck down that smell of spring that’s in the air.

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