Mom Made Sure To Have A Nice Tan When She Went Into Labor Before Heading To The Hospital

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Going into labor is a painful experience. I’ve never done it myself, but I have witnessed it up close and personal multiple times. Dealing with contractions is not a walk in the park by any means.

That said, there are some who are willing to handle a few things before packing their bags and heading into the hospital for a few days. One such mom had some very important business to take care of before heading in. She needed to get a tan while in labor to look “prettier when giving birth.”

Mom Made Sure To Have A Nice Tan When She Went Into Labor Before Heading To The Hospital
Mom got a fake tan while in labor (Image Credit: Opie/TikTok)

The mom shared her story of making getting a fake tan a priority while dealing with painful contractions on TikTok. You don’t want to give birth without a good tan. That would be crazy.

She explained, “Thinking about 3 weeks ago when I started contracting bad and realized I was in labor and rather than make sure I had my stuff ready for the hospital I fake tanned so I looked prettier when giving birth.”

It turns out her rush to grab a fake tan before giving birth didn’t exactly work the way she had planned. She did have a tan while giving birth, but admitted that she “still looked a mess.”

Somehow Getting A Tan While In Labor Isn’t Rare For Moms

According to the reactions to the video, grabbing a tan while in labor prior to heading into the hospital is apparently a thing. As is making sure your hair and makeup are on point. All of which sounds bonkers.

If you’re an overachiever, you might make the bed and clean the kitchen while in labor, which sounds absolutely insane. One commenter claimed to have done just that, “My water broke and contractions were 3 min apart. But I wash and blow dried my hair, changed my bedding and cleaned the kitchen.”

The fake tanning mom wasn’t alone when it comes to her preparation being a waste of time. One admitted, “Blow dryer my hair/ make up the lot. Then literally looked like I’d been hit by a train.”

Whatever you do before heading in, don’t waste too much time doing it. Popping out a kid in a car is much worse than doing so without a tan in a hospital bed. You’re stuck with a hospital bill and a car you have to get rid of.

Written by Sean Joseph

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