Mom In Thong Unintentionally Moons School Students

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Students at a Basildon, Essex, England school thought they were participating in field day, but ended up in astronomy class, learning all about the moon.

36-year-old Katie Hannaford begrudgingly accepted her daughter’s pleas to run alongside other school mom’s during a June 15th relay race. As it turns out, she should’ve stayed on the sidelines, or at least worn different underwear.

Hannaford got off to a good start, then quickly fell behind, eventually losing both her footing and her privacy. As Katie hit the ground, her dress fell forward, providing her eight-year daughter and her classmates a clear view of Hannaford’s cheeky black thong, thong, thong, thong.

Whoops! Credit: SWNS

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Not exactly the type of dump truck parents expected their children to come across on the playground, but at least everyone got a laugh out of the nearly-full moon.

“I just tripped over my own feet – I think my body was just moving too fast for my legs! I’m so clumsy, I’m always falling over,” Hannaford said, per Lad Bible. “I was humiliated at the time, but it is what it is! I flashed my underwear which is obviously embarrassing but you just have to own it.”

Katie Hannaford falling during relay

She added: “Looking back, it’s hilarious – definitely the funniest thing I’ve ever done in my life!”

Hannaford even shared video of the brief race to her Facebook page. Above the video she wrote:

“When the kids got more at sports day than they were expecting! Haha. If you can’t laugh at yourself then what’s life about ay! Sorry kiddo’s and anyone else watching!”

Plenty of cheeky responses followed.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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