Mom Caught On Camera Taking Halloween Candy From Several Front Porches, Blames Her Kid When Confronted

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Every year there are trick-or-treaters who take too much Halloween candy out of the bowls left on front porches. You can’t blame kids for wanting to get as much candy as they can. Rarely is the mother of the trick-or-treater involved in the candy theft.

This is one such case where the mother is not only involved, she’s the one taking most of the candy. The cherry on top is when she gets confronted at one of the houses for taking the candy, she blames her kid.

Mom Stealing Halloween Candy
Mom caught stealing Halloween candy from front porch (Image Credit: Felix F3mh8r/YouTube)

In the video, which includes the doorbell footage from several houses, a woman and her son can be seen approaching candy that is left on the porches. The mother of the kid dressed as Spider-Man grabs a ridiculous amount of candy from each stop and drops it her son’s bucket.

At one of the houses the homeowner confronts the woman after she emptied an entire bin of candy. The mom’s response to being caught is mother of the year material. She immediately blames her son, “Yeah, he just wanted some peanut butter M&Ms. That’s it.”

Teach The Kids Young How Get All The Halloween Candy

The man who busted her responded, “Yeah, but you took the whole bin, though. I saw you on camera.”

As he laughs at her, she drops a few pieces of candy from her son’s bucket back into the empty bin. They then proceed to the next front porch.

There are a couple of things here other than the fact that the mom is a jerk for stealing the candy. She’s also a jerk for taking her kid around before it’s dark. The kid’s too big for daylight trick-or-treating.

Having said all of that, the people who put candy out on the porch deserve to have their candy stolen. Part of Halloween is getting your ass off the couch and handing out candy to the kids.

Written by Sean Joseph


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