Model Says She Was Drugged, Scammed By Trans Woman At MSG Bar And Everyone Was In On It

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A model in New York City says she was drugged and then scammed by a trans woman at a bar owned by Madison Square Garden (MSG), and she says that everyone — including the bartenders — was in on it.

Anna Tchorbadjiev, 25, who models under the name Anna Alimani, is now suing Madison Square Garden Entertainment for $1.5 million.

According to the NY Post, she claims in Manhattan Supreme Court papers that bar employees worked with the con artist and split the stolen cash.

“Thank God I’m OK,” she told the outlet.

Model suing MSG over trans woman scam.
Model Anna (left) and alleged trans scammer Angela (right).

Trans woman allegedly scams model at Madison Square Garden bar

Alimani’s story begins like all ill-fated quests — with an innocent drink at a bar.

The 25-year-old model claims she was out with a friend at the Baccarat Hotel in Midtown when another friend introduced her to an acquaintance — Angela Acosta de Mastronardi, a brunette wearing a yellow dress.

“We were all chilling. It seemed very normal,” Alimani told the Post. She’s also a real estate broker in NYC and been on the covers of Harper’s Bazaar and an international edition of Glamour.

“I had no reason to get suspicious of this person,” she continued.

The night started to take a turn when innocent Angela suggested the two take the party to another bar — Little Sister Lounge, which is part of the Tao Group. At the time, it was owned by Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp.

MSG Entertainment recently sold Tao Group to Mohari Hospitality for $550 million.

Model sues MSG over trans woman scam.
Anna Tchorbadjiev, 25, models under the name Anna Alimani.

Anyway, Angela offered to pay, her card was declined, and Anna whipped out the black Am-Ex to save the day. She then claims about five minutes into her Espresso Martini she started feeling sick, closed the tab and headed home.

That’s when Angela hopped in the car with her and suggested the two instead hit up another Tao-owned bar. It was around this time that model Anna realized her cards were gone.

Angela allegedly denied taking anything at first, but eventually spilled the beans after Almani “grabbed her by the hair.”

Persistent Angela apparently tried to then follow her into her apartment building!

“I was like, ‘No way, bitch, you’ll rob me blind.’ I had to push her out of the elevator,” she said.

Anna quickly realized her card had a pair of mega charges on it — a $500 tip on the two drinks and another $1,000 tip.

And here’s where our story transitions!

Angela Acosta de Mastronardi. (Facebook)

Anna then reported the incident to the NYPD, where a detective claimed Angela was actually a man with a history of similar cons in Las Vegas, Miami and New York.

Victims have been too embarrassed to come forward, the detective told her. The NYPD said no arrests have been made.

Didn’t see it coming, did you?

Anyway, Anna is now suing the pants off Tao and MSG, while neither has really commented. Shocking, I know.

Stay tuned. And maybe keep your eyes peeled for a trans woman in a yellow dress while you’re out partying tonight.

Written by Zach Dean

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