Model Makes More Than $8,000 A Month As A Mermaid Thanks To OnlyFans

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Leave it up to people to make paying money to others on the internet for content weird. A model from Florida has taken her love of mermaids to a whole new level.

Emily Alexandra Guglielmo of Orlando, Florida is a professional mermaid. She performs for children’s parties and does events at hotels. She also makes content for men on OnlyFans, because nothing goes together like children’s parties and OnlyFans.

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If someone has thought of it, there’s a fetish for it

The 32-year-old purchased her first mermaid tail 10 years ago for photo shoots. She spent $3,400 on it and she says people immediately approached her to work their events.

“The American Mermaid” as she’s known has an interesting resume to go along with the children’s parties and hotel events. She’s appeared in commercials and a couple of movies, Magic Mike and Spring Breakers.

As for her OnlyFans, that has helped to boost her income to over $8,000 a month. She told the Mirror, that she has a boyfriend who supports her exclusive content, “I get some men that ask me to make them personalized videos of myself topless wearing just my tail on OnlyFans.”

“But my boyfriend doesn’t mind. He likes when the men gawk over me. He thinks it’s sexy.”

Good luck finding another mermaid on OnlyFans. Emily might have the market corned on that. She hasn’t been able to find anyone else doing it and if anyone would know you think she would be the one.

“I don’t think there are other sexy sirens out there on OnlyFans – so it looks like I’ve got myself a niche!”

This might take the cake as far as fetishes go. I don’t know how you end up in a place where this is your thing, but if it is, there’s someone out there ready to take your money for it.

Written by Sean Joseph

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