Model Needed Surgery On Her Tongue After First Kiss Gone Wrong

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A first kiss gone horribly wrong landed an Instagram model in surgery. Her date had bitten down on her tongue damaging it to the point it had to be put back together.

Turkish model, Ceyda Ersoy, shared a video of her tongue being stitched up following the first kiss gone wrong. She isn’t sure how her date, who she had known for a month, ended up biting through her tongue as she was caught up in the moment.

Model Ceyda Ersoy Tongue Bitten First Kiss
Model Ceyda Ersoy needed surgery on tongue after first kiss (Image Credit: bizbize_magazin/Instagram)

Ceyda didn’t realize anything had happened until the pain hit her moments after the unexpected bite. She said of her painful first kiss, “Is it only me whose tongue has been ripped off during a kiss?”

“Oh gosh, it hurts a lot,” she added. “Is this a joke?”

The doctors at the hospital worked their magic and thankfully were able to put her tongue back together. Ceyda showed off their work and shared a message for her more than 600,000 followers.

She thanked them for their concern while assuring them that everything is fine. She said, “Guys, I’m OK now, thanks a lot for your well-wishes, they’ve stitched it up.”

The same can’t be said for her date. It doesn’t sound like he’ll be getting a second kiss. Ceyda has some concerns about the unnamed man, in particular his ability to kiss.

Ceyda Ersoy Is Not Into Scorpios Anymore

The incident was so traumatic that she’s apparently writing off all potential partners who share his astrological sign. She said, “I don’t know, maybe he doesn’t really know how to kiss.”

“My advice to you is don’t even say hi to guys who are Scorpios.”

Writing off an entire astrological sign worth of people might seem like a drastic move. It is, but it’s a necessary move. Who is so bad a kissing that they bite their partner’s tongue off?

The answer is nobody. Which means that this had to have been done on purpose. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all Scorpios or even a percentage of them do this. But why risk it? A tongue can only take getting bitten off so many times.

Written by Sean Joseph

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