Mob Hits Tourist With Water Bottles After She Climbs A Mayan Pyramid

A tourist got what she deserved after scaling a Mayan pyramid for some of that sweet, sweet internet clout: clobbered with water bottles by angry locals.

The woman was visiting the Chichen Itza archaeological site, located on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. Chichen Itza is home to ancient Mayan pyramids, and being just a few hours from Cancun, it’s a tourist hotspot.

This lady was quite obviously one of those tourists.

Someone captured this woman hoofing it up one pyramid, known as El Castillo or Pyramid of Kukulcán. I probably don’t need to tell you this but doing that is frowned upon.

The Woman Did Not Get A Warm Reception When She Climbed Down

As you can see, the locals were not thrilled about seeing that lady scaling the ancient structure. It seemed like they got especially mad when she started waving like the drunkest girl at a bachelorette party.

Some else climbed about halfway up the 82-foot, 91-step pyramid to usher this moron back to ground level. Once she was back on the ground she took a shower in some bottled agua.

This lady didn’t do the math that to get back to the parking lot she’d have to wade through the mob. They were mad enough that they’d be brandishing pitchforks and torches if there were any within reach.

Chichen Itza Pyramid
The pyramids at Chichen Itza are a major tourist attraction, drawing history buffs and idiots like the lady who climbed it alike. (Photo by Jorge Fernández/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Lucky for her there weren’t, so they stuck with water bottles, yelling for her to go to jail, and knocking her hat off her head.

Security ushered her back to her tour bus or rental car (she definitely arrived in one of those two things). There are fines for climbing pyramids that according to the Daily Mail range from 2569 to $5138 based on the amount of damage the climber causes.

The Mexican Institute of Anthropology and History stated after the incident that the woman had not caused any damage.

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