Video: Greg Hardy Got Knocked The Heck Out In Bare Knuckle Fighting

Greg Hardy was warned. They are all warned.

Professional athletes, by intuition, think that they can do anything. It's what separates them from someone who may have been just as good, but lacked that mental fortitude.

But it's that same arrogance, blindness, stubbornness that in recent years has allowed athletes to think that they can cross over into the fight world realm.

News flash to everyone - more times than not, you can't.

Greg Hardy learned that on Friday night when he got knocked the absolute hell out while participating in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

"Audio On" as they say:

Part 1...

And here's Part 2...

Oh my God.




Those were all the emotions I have every time I replay that clip.

I mean the sheer crack of opponent Josh Watson's bare knuckles is akin to nails on a chalkboard.

In the first clip, Hardy would have ended up 20 rows in the crowd if that rope wasn't there to prevent him from falling outside of the ring. Dude looked like he was being sent to the MOON after that.

And then in the 2nd clip? That's gotta hurt more than anything Hardy felt in the NFL.

Honestly, it's almost sad that Hardy continued his journey into the fight world. But whose going to tell him no?


Hardy initially began competing in Mixed Martial Arts - including in the popular UFC. Despite an overall 7-5 record, Hardy got absolutely smoked when he joined Dana White's UFC promotion, going 0-3 in his last three fights by knockout or TKO.

After his MMA "career," Hardy jumped to boxing where he went 2-0.

I guess he was bored fighting with gloves, so he decided to head over to bare knuckle fighting... and well, you saw what happened.

Hardy's opponent Josh Watson absolutely decimated Hardy. Watson has now won 2 straight BKFC events.

Meanwhile Hardy had signed a contract with BKFC last June. He may have second thoughts about that after last night's embarassment.