Ukrainian Fighter Maryna Moroz Celebrates Emotional Win At UFC 272

UFC's Maryna Moroz is tough.

Fighting through a juncture when the tensions of work and her personal life were at their respective peaks, Moroz still came out a victor.

Following the lead-up to UFC 272, where Moroz was set to face Mariya Agapova, was Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Stuck in Ukraine under the bombardment of Putin's siege is Moroz's family, to whom she dedicated the victory on Saturday night after submitting Agapova for the win.

In her emotional speech, The Iron Lady said the following:

"My family is in Ukraine. I had a hard week. I worried, I cried, because my family is right now in a bad situation. Thank you to everyone who messaged me, because this week was hard for me. I want to cry because of this war my country is in. It's a hard time for Ukraine."

Moroz's words were forthright in urgency related to the safety of the Ukrainian people.

"I want to support my country, my president, whole army in Ukraine, and I want to say we don't want war. I worry about my family right now."

Where Moroz found sorrow, she also found motivation, calling out the pariah Russian president during a UFC 272 media session this week.

"F*ck you, b*tch," Moroz (11-3-0) said in an interview with TMZ, aiming at Putin for his reign of terror on Ukraine.

"I love my country. Don’t touch Ukraine!"

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