Paige VanZant: 'I Didn't Want To Live Anymore'

After dropping to 0-2 in Bare Knuckle FC, MMA heartthrob Paige VanZant contemplated whether or not she wanted to continue living. “I told (her husband) I didn’t want to live anymore, that this wasn’t for me anymore. Life wasn’t for me anymore. It’s disappointing. It was hard" said VanZant.

Following a loss to Rachel Ostovich, VanZant bypassed the locker room and headed straight to the parking lot. She explained what happened next on her YouTube vlogA Kickass Love Story: With Paige & Austin: “When I walked out of the ring, I didn’t just walk to my locker room, I literally walked all the way outside and I just went and cried in the parking lot by myself,” said VanZant. “I said some things to my husband that are pretty terrible about like my mental state."

VanZant continued: “I told him I didn’t want to live anymore, that this wasn’t for me anymore. Like life wasn’t for me anymore so I was disappointed, It was hard.”

“Losses suck and going through hard times it’s not fun but it does get better and you can get through it and life goes on.”

Regardless of how she fares in the fight game, she's already won.


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